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Miami Beach is a city known worldwide for its culture, activities and accommodations. Upon arrival in Miami, most students choose to live in ‘South Beach’ the famous southern section of Miami Beach.  One big advantage of living in Miami Beach is that a car is generally not needed.  Beaches, restaurants, shopping and schools are all accessible by walking or bicycle.   South Beach Languages assists students with various accommodation options after they register for classes.  Please note that students book accommodations directly.

Youth Hostels
Ideal for students staying 1 to 3 weeks. Hostels average range: $20-35/night (for shared room & meals)

Apart Hotel
Ideal for students staying 1 to 8 weeks. Reserve a clean, safe, private room in a hotel, just 2 blocks from the school and 1 block from the beach, with cable tv, air conditioning, private bathroom and a small study area. Price: $350/week or $1200/month total for the room (2 students or couple can share) based on availability. Distance from Language Center: 2 blocks.

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Other sources for short term luxury rentals:–Miami-Beach–FL

Long-term Apartments/Roommates
Ideal for long-term students staying 12 or more weeks.  We suggest renting a private studio or sharing an apartment with other students. There are many apartment options based on your budget and preferences.  Our accommodations coordinator can assist in securing an apartment rental or roommate that best fits your situation. 
For Homestay information please visit the following site:
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