512, 2018

Profile – Li Zongyu

Where are you from? China What is unique about your country? We have the largest population and the oldest history in the world. Chinese TV shows are also pretty funny as well. How long have [...]

1611, 2018

Student Profile – Elena

Where are you from? Spain What is unique about your country? The views, the food, the people, the mountains and the beaches. How long have you been studying at South Beach Languages? More than 1 [...]

211, 2018

Student Profile – Christiam

Where are you from? Colombia What is unique about your country? Colombia is a country that has some of the most biodiversity in the world. We have more than 3,000 kinds of orchids. How long [...]

1509, 2018

Student Profile – Marcella

Where are you from? Brazil What is unique about your country? Our easy-going attitude. We are also very passionate and we love people. In addition, our country is known for its beautiful nature and landscapes. [...]

2608, 2018

Student Profile – Isabel

Where are you from? Ecuador.   What is unique about your country? Ecuador is a country that stands out for its richness and variety in terms of plants and animals, making up 10% of all [...]

1208, 2018

Student Profile – Mikhail

Where are you from?                                                           Russia What is [...]

2807, 2018

Student Profile – Francesca

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am from Italy, Napoli   WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY? In Italy, there are many things that are unique. For example, the food, the sea and the lifestyle!   [...]

706, 2018

Student Profile – Xiaojing

Where are you from? I'm from China. The picture is my village. What is unique about your town in China? In my village, most people can sing Huangmei Opera. There are five types of famous [...]

805, 2018

Student Profile – Selin

Where are you from? I am from Istanbul, Turkey. What is unique about your country? My country is famous for its unique nature. You can also see many historic museums and architecture What is your [...]

805, 2018

South Beach Languages receives 10 Year Re-Accreditation

South Beach Languages received 10 Year Re-Accreditation in April 2018. Now accredited until 2028!