In September 2022, South Beach Languages (SBL) began providing online English classes to the FUNDACION CAMINITOS DE LUZ in Tumbaco, Ecuador (near Quito). This is a new program that we plan to continue beyond 2022.

South Beach Languages provides free English classes (via zoom) to non-native English teachers at the Fundacion Caminitos de Luz. SBL’s experienced, certified American English instructors ‘teach the Ecuadorian teachers’ boosting their English fluency and offering suggestions on structure, resources and content. These Ecuadorian teachers teach large classes of children of various ages.

“This is a meaningful way for South Beach Languages to leverage its online teaching experience to assist English learners around the world” said SBL director Greg Degnan.

The CAMINITOS DE LUZ ECUADOR FOUNDATION is a non-profit Ecuadorian legal institution, subject to the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, which has been created with the objective of fulfilling a social work that directly encourages and promotes quality education among children with limited economic resources in Ecuador.