Student Refund Policy

What is the Refund policy?

    For F1 English students applying from your country, if your visa is ‘denied’, your tuition (except $150 school application fee) will be refunded after the applicant returns by email our ‘Refund Request Form’ and the denial letter given by the American Embassy/USCIS.

    F1 Students who are ‘approved’, but withdraw on their own regardless of circumstances, do not qualify for refunds.

    ‘Change of Status’ students who are ‘denied’ or abandon their program (including violations, not sending updates, not responding to RFE’s or starting another process) do not qualify for refunds.

    F1 English students that are terminated by South Beach Languages due to violations of the school or federal law (including attendance policies) do no qualify for refunds.

    Students who elect to ‘pay in advance’ for multiple months to receive a discount, then decide to depart early, do not qualify for refunds.

    F1 Students who ‘transfer out’ are responsible for their final calendar month payment before being transferred out.

    F1 Students who are absent due to illness/medical reasons are still responsible for payment on missed days.

    For ‘Vacation’ English students, refunds can be given prior to the first day of class. After the period begins, no refunds.
    Students cannot ‘make up’ missed individual classes.

    F1 students do not pay for vacation weeks