Student Refund Policy

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

  • For non-F1 English students, a full refund is given prior to the first day of class. After the class period begins, ‘credit’ is given within the first 2 weeks for students who must drop the class. Credit is good for 6 months from the start of the initial class. After the 3rd week, no credit is given. Students cannot ‘make up’ missed classes at a later date.
  • For F1 English students applying from your country, if your visa is ‘denied’, your tuition (except application fee, express mail fee, Sevis fee) will be refunded only after applicants return to us the ORIGINAL I-20 FORM along with the Refund Request Form and the denial letter given by the American Embassy/USCIS.
  • Students who are accepted and withdraw on their own do not qualify for refunds. ‘Change of Status’ students who abandon their program (including violations, not sending updates, not responding to RFE’s or starting another process) do not qualify for refunds. ‘Change of Status’ students who registered after March 1, 2019 do not qualify for refunds.
  • For F1 English students, if you are terminated by South Beach Languages due to violations of the school or federal law (including attendance policies), no refund will be given.
  • For F1 English students, who paid through a representative, please contact representative for refund.
  • For all students, refund requests must be submitted in writing along with original receipt.
  • For all students who elect to ‘pay in advance’ for multiple months to receive a discount, there are no refunds for early withdrawal.
  • F1 Students who are absent due to illness/medical reasons are responsible for payment on missed days.
  • For all students, a late payment fee $50 per week may be enforced.
  • All students who pay by check will have to wait until check clears to enter classroom.