SBL offers 8 levels of English classes & College Prep, TOEFL Prep and Business English.
follow the ‘Communicative Method’, emphasizing immersion in English conversation and practical life skills.  Classes are taught by experienced, certified American teachers.  Many graduates of our English program continue their studies at local and national USA Universities.

  • New students can join English classes any Monday.
  • Flexible morning, afternoon or evening schedules.
  • Placement tests are given on the first day to determine the level of each student.
    Certificates are given upon completion.
  • The ‘Intensive’ and ‘English Vacation’ programs include 2 classes:
    (1) General English (includes grammar, writing, vocabulary and speaking)
    (2) Conversation/Life Skills (includes speaking, pronunciation and accent reduction)
    Toefl Prep or Business English can also be taken with any program, in place of conversation.
  • Free English-only activities on Thursdays.  Free English Movies & Conversation on Fridays.
  • F1 visa students attend a minimum of 18 hours per week, the Intensive English Program.
    SBL is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.
  • For tourists or locals, we recommend our English Vacation Program, 15.5 hour per week.
    Note: US guidelines indicate tourists should study less than 18 hours per week.
  • No Registration fee for tourists, ESTA or locals. 

Programs & Price Totals:

English Program Schedule (Mondays to Thursdays) Hours per Week Price per Week
1-3 Weeks 4-10 Weeks 12-22 Weeks 24-46 Weeks 48+ Weeks
Morning 9am-1:30pm or 11:30am-4pm 18 $180 $155 $145 $125
Afternoon 2pm-6:30pm 18 $160 $145 $135 $115
Evening 4:30pm-9pm 18 $140 $130 $120 $99
Morning Mon/Tue/Wed 9-1:30pm,Thu 9-11 15.5 $199 $175 $145 $130 $120
Afternoon Mon/Tue/Wed 2-6:30pm (less 1 class) 15.5 $185 $155 $135 $125 $115
Evening Mon/Tue/Wed 4:30-9pm (less 1 class) 15.5 $175 $135 $125 $115 $105
Morning or Afternoon 9-11am or 11:30am-1:30pm or 2-4pm or 4:30-6:30 or 7-9pm 8 $109 $99 $85 $75 $70
Morning or Afternoon 9am-4pm or 11:30am-6:30pm 28 $225 $200 $180 $160

(NOTE: Intensive or Vacation can include TOEFL or BUSINESS ENGLISH)

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