Where are you from?



What is unique about your country?

Ecuador is a country that stands out for its richness and variety in terms of plants and animals, making up 10% of all the plant species in the world. Being located in the center of the world, we have the Andes Mountains, paradisiacal coasts, Amazon jungles and the Galapagos Islands known worldwide. And how could you forget the people? Kind and always with a smile ready to help.

How long have you been studying at South Beach Languages?

One month


Have you experienced any “culture shock” here in the United States?

A cultural shock in general would be consumerism everywhere (hahaha). Here in the United States, everything always encourages you to buy. If something is damaged, the first thing they suggest is that you buy another one instead of fixing it. Something that was also difficult for me here was the inches, feet and Fahrenheit.


What is the most difficult thing about English for you?

The rules are hard and one word can mean many things depending on how you use it. Sometimes the pronunciation can also make the difference, so that makes me a little insecure sometimes.


What is a tradition, celebration, or holiday you have in your country that we don’t have in the United States?

On New Year’s Eve in Guayaquil, my city, we make or buy a “monigote”, which can be your favorite superhero or toy made with paper and wood. You can also fill its clothes with sawdust to make a body, and paper for its head. We buy many kinds of fireworks as well, so at midnight we light them and throw them while we make a toast and eat 12 grapes, and make a wish with each grape, which is another tradition. We do so many things like putting gold in champagne glasses, putting money in our right shoe to have prosperity, and running around the block with a suitcase to bring good travels for the New Year, among many others.