Where are you from?


What is unique about your country?

Our easy-going attitude. We are also very passionate and we love people.
In addition, our country is known for its beautiful nature and landscapes.

How long have you been studying at South Beach Languages?

Over 1 year

Have you experienced any “culture shock” here in the United States?

I’ve been to California, Florida, Georgia and Texas, but the biggest culture shock for me is the language. The biggest challenge is being able to express myself and be understood. Luckily, most Americans I’ve met have helped me and I appreciate that.

What is the most difficult thing about English for you?

For me, English is always about exceptions. I always try to memorize the rules, but there is always a word with a different meaning or pronunciation. Sometimes this drives me crazy!

What is a tradition, celebration, or holiday you have in your country, that we don’t have in the United States?

The only thing that’s really different is Carnaval. I’m not a “Carnaval person” myself, but it’s good to have the week-long celebration there.