South Beach Languages was created in 2003 by local English teachers.  Since then we have taught over 5000 students from over 100 countries. Everyday we strive to meet the needs of each of our students.

Our mission is to meet individual student needs by providing exceptional programs, instructors and activities within a diverse, immersion environment.

Our language classes emphasize communication for academic, social and professional development.

Why Choose Us?

  • Teachers: Experienced, certified, dynamic teachers coach students through the learning process.
  • Academics: Student progress is continuously measured through homework, quizzes, written essays, verbal presentations.
  • Schedules:  Choose a morning, afternoon or evening option.
  • Locations: Learn English in world famous South Beach or 30 minutes north in trendy Hollywood, Florida.
  • Prices: Intensive (18 hours per week) English classes starting at $399/month.
  • Personal Attention: Offering customized assistance for your academic, housing and visa needs.

Learning Approach

Our Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) emphasizes interaction and ‘learning by doing’ as the means and the goal of learning a language.With our CLT learning approach:

  • Students learn conversation, grammar, vocabulary and other skills through context.
  • Students learn by immersion, studying English with native English speakers.
  • Students communicate with their teachers, classmates and staff using English Only.
  • Students participate in group activities that focus on English collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
  • Teachers connect classroom learning with practical, real-life activities outside of the classroom.
  • Teachers leverage the latest online tools and technologies to accelerate student acquisition of English.