This video explores pronunciation differences in American English words, particularly the ‘E’ versus the ‘I’ sound.  

Many students, especially from Latin America and Europe, have difficulty pronouncing similar words like:

Ship, Sheep.  

Chip, Cheap.

Rich, Reach.

Slip, Sleep.

Still, Steal.

Pill, Peel.

Hit, Heat.

Say those words aloud.  Can you hear the difference?  

For example, ship has the soft ‘I’ sound, like in ‘sick’, but sheep has the hard ‘E’ sound, like in ‘me’.  

A good practice exercise is to record yourself saying the above words, and then compare your voice with a native speaker.  Is it close?  Try to mimic the native speaker’s intonation and pronunciation.  

And remember, the word ‘beach’ has the hard ‘E’ sound ☺