2508, 2015

Feeling Blue? Beach English Color Idioms.

In English, we have many idioms, or expressions, using colors. For example, if I am feeling blue, how am I a feeling?  I’m sad.   Blue is associated with sadness.   Or I am the black [...]

2408, 2015

Walked, Called, Wanted. Beach English Pronunciation.

Regular verbs in the past tense end in the letters ‘ed’, but unfortunately for English learners, this ‘ed’ ending is pronounced different ways depending on the verb.   Here are the 3 common pronunciations: Normally [...]

2807, 2015


(Excerpt from StudyUSA magazine, April 2015) Here are some guidelines to help make your student visa application process smooth and successful: Getting your visa to study in the United States takes time but can be [...]

2807, 2015

Going to work or to going to work out? Beach English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are very common in American English.  Phrasal verbs are verbs followed by prepositions. For example, let’s pick out ‘pick out’, a phrasal verb meaning to choose. Most phrasal verbs are separable. So there are often [...]

2807, 2015

I thought I taught ‘ought’. Beach English Irregular Verbs

Some past irregular verbs have patterns. For example, what is the past of bring? What is the pas of think? What is the past of buy? What is the past of seek? What is the [...]

2407, 2015

Congratulations to recent TOEFL Winners!

"The TOEFL Prep class is a great way to prepare for the exam. It trains you for every section of the test with practice exercises similar to those on the exam. The teacher is excellent and the [...]

2906, 2015

Making Exercise or Doing Exercise? Beach English Verbs.

The verbs ‘Make’ and ‘Do’ can have similar meanings in English.  In what situations do we use them? In some languages, ‘Make’ and ‘Do’ translate into 1 word (For example in Spanish ‘Hacer’ or in [...]

2906, 2015

17 Ways to say ‘Good’ in English. Beach English Adjectives.

The words ‘good’ or ‘nice’ in English are boring!  Now that your English is improving, try replacing ‘good’ with stronger, more expressive adjectives.  Here are several….Excellent, Fantastic, Awesome, Tremendous, Magnificent, Marvelous, Unbelievable, Incredible, Super, Spectacular, [...]

2906, 2015

Hole in the Whole. Beach English Homophones.

Homophones are words with the same pronunciation, but different meanings.  There are many homophones in English.  For example: Dear-Deer, Poor-Pour, Do-Due, Here-Hear, Read-Red, Blue-Blew, One-Won, For-Four, Ate-Eight, Which-Witch, Wear-Where, I-Eye, See-Sea, Toe-Tow, Cell-Sell, Sail-Sale, Son-Sun, [...]

2906, 2015

‘Sit in a chair’ or ‘Sit on a chair’? Beach English Prepositions.

There are over 1 million words in the English language. But do you know how many prepositions there are? There are less than 150 English prepositions. Prepositions include Above, About, Around, At, Before, Below, By, [...]