3010, 2015

TOEFL: Listening Section

The TOEFL exam listening section involves between 4-6 lectures and 2-3 campus conversations. Lectures represent typical university settings with topics ranging from the arts to physical and social sciences. Campus conversations may be between two [...]

3010, 2015

TOEFL: Reading Section

The Reading Section consists of 3-5 passages that are approximately 700 words, followed by 12-14 questions. Topics include social sciences, the arts and physical sciences. Types of questions include: Comprehending facts Vocabulary in context Paraphrasing [...]

3108, 2015

Ship or Sheep? Beach English Pronunciation.

This video explores pronunciation differences in American English words, particularly the ‘E’ versus the ‘I’ sound.   Many students, especially from Latin America and Europe, have difficulty pronouncing similar words like: Ship, Sheep.   Chip, [...]

3108, 2015

Sssshhh….Silent Letters. Beach English Pronunciation.

In English, some letters are not pronounced. For example, the letter ‘k’ in word knee is silent.  ‘K’ is usually a strong sound, like ‘kick’, but we don’t say ‘k’nee. The k is silent.  Other [...]

3008, 2015

Double negatives are a no-no! Beach English Parts of Speech.

In English, we normally use just 1 negative word per sentence.  In other languages, such as Spanish or Portuguese, it is normal to use 2 negatives.  Yet in English this is called a ‘double negative’, [...]

2808, 2015

Don’t be a chicken! Beach English Food Idioms.

In English, we have many idioms, or expressions, using words for food.   For example: I don’t want to skydive because I’m a chicken, or scared. My friend is a skydiver.  I think he’s nuts, [...]

2708, 2015

The playful player plays playfully. Beach English Parts of Speech.

In English, many root words can be used in multiple forms. For example: I play guitar.  Play is a verb. I am a guitar player. Player is a noun. The kitten is playful. Playful is [...]

2608, 2015

Legal or illegal? Beach English Prefixes.

In English, the prefix, or letters before a word, can give a clue to its meaning.   For example, RE before a word means ‘again’.  Review is to view again. React is to act again. [...]

2508, 2015

Feeling Blue? Beach English Color Idioms.

In English, we have many idioms, or expressions, using colors. For example, if I am feeling blue, how am I a feeling?  I’m sad.   Blue is associated with sadness.   Or I am the black [...]

2408, 2015

Walked, Called, Wanted. Beach English Pronunciation.

Regular verbs in the past tense end in the letters ‘ed’, but unfortunately for English learners, this ‘ed’ ending is pronounced different ways depending on the verb.   Here are the 3 common pronunciations: Normally [...]