3011, 2017

Phrasal Verb Classic

In 2004, Miami English Center, now known as South Beach Languages, produced a Phrasal Verbs video. It still holds up with 75,000+ views on youtube. Holds up, meaning to retain value, is an example of a Phrasal Verb. [...]

2103, 2016

Student Profile – Sergio Simoes Ometto

Sergio Simoes Ometto has been taking classes at South Beach Languages for over a year now. Always the first one to arrive to class, he always seems to have a great story to share and [...]

2103, 2016

This is Miami as seen through ‘Countable and Uncountable Nouns’

English teacher, Brian, took his students to the streets of South Beach to capture images using QUANTIFIERS.  This is Miami as seen through 'Countable and Uncountable Nouns'  

3110, 2015

TOEFL Test Preparation: General Information

The TOEFL, or Test for English as a Foreign Language, is an English proficiency exam that measures your ability to read, write, speak, and understand English at the university level. Most universities and colleges require [...]

3110, 2015

TOEFL: Writing Section

The Writing Task of the TOEFL exam consists of 1 Independent Task and 1 Integrated Task. You’ll have 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise an ‘Independent Task’ where you will be asked to state [...]

3110, 2015

TOEFL: Speaking Section

The speaking portion of the TOEFL exam consists of 2 Independent tasks and 4 Integrated tasks. Speaking clearly and logically and using correct English pronunciation are important. Here you will be speaking directly into a [...]

3010, 2015

TOEFL: Listening Section

The TOEFL exam listening section involves between 4-6 lectures and 2-3 campus conversations. Lectures represent typical university settings with topics ranging from the arts to physical and social sciences. Campus conversations may be between two [...]

3010, 2015

TOEFL: Reading Section

The Reading Section consists of 3-5 passages that are approximately 700 words, followed by 12-14 questions. Topics include social sciences, the arts and physical sciences. Types of questions include: Comprehending facts Vocabulary in context Paraphrasing [...]

3108, 2015

Ship or Sheep? Beach English Pronunciation.

This video explores pronunciation differences in American English words, particularly the ‘E’ versus the ‘I’ sound.   Many students, especially from Latin America and Europe, have difficulty pronouncing similar words like: Ship, Sheep.   Chip, [...]

3108, 2015

Sssshhh….Silent Letters. Beach English Pronunciation.

In English, some letters are not pronounced. For example, the letter ‘k’ in word knee is silent.  ‘K’ is usually a strong sound, like ‘kick’, but we don’t say ‘k’nee. The k is silent.  Other [...]