Sergio Simoes Ometto has been taking classes at South Beach Languages for over a
year now. Always the first one to arrive to class, he always seems to have a great
story to share and is a positive face to have at our school. He was recently included
into the FAA Airmen Certification Database which is for pilots who have met or
exceeded the high educational, licensing and medical standards established by the FAA.

What has being a pilot and flying taught you about life?

Flying has taught me a positive way of living, how to make good decisions in the
moment, to have confidence, that health is important, and also knowing your limits.

What have you learned about students from other countries while attending South Beach Languages?

It has been a great opportunity to make amazing new friends. Since being a student
here, my idea of the world and of some countries has changed in a positive way.
Almost all of us are missing family and friends back home but that makes it easier to
have new friendships here.

Talk about your current surfboard project.

I have loved water sports since I was 9 years old! But the passion was reborn with
my son’s interest in motorized surfboards. Our love of nature and science has
guided us to the world of electric power surfboards and technology. We love this!
To learn more about electric powered wakeboards, visit www.